New  Client Interviews

Come spend a little time with Mariah, Katie, and Jen to learn who we are, what we do, and how we do it! We look forward to learning about you and seeing if we are the right team to help you navigate the perinatal period.

Current Client Prenatal Appointments

Prenatal with Mariah

Meet with Mariah during weeks 32-34 to begin discussing your values and concerns around birth and how we best support you. We also talk about postpartum preparation and creating a plan for after baby arrives.

Prenatal with Katie

Meet with Katie sometime in weeks 34-35 to continue discussing your thoughts for birth, including birth plans and how you hope to be cared for during labor.

Prenatal with Jen

Meet with Jen in person during weeks 30-36 to talk about early lactation and practice some Spinning Babies techniques!


Something come up you’d like to chat about? We got you covered. Schedule a 30-min virtual check-in any time you’d like to chat.

Current Client Postpartum Appointments

Postpartum with Jen

Your first postpartum visit will be scheduled before your doula leaves your birth! Mostly focused on baby feeding, and checking in on immediate needs. Usually 3-5 days after you return home.

Postpartum with Katie

Meet with Katie via Zoom 2-3 weeks after your baby’s birth to talk about how the early days of parenting a newborn have been.

Postpartum with Mariah

Schedule for week 5-6 after your baby arrives! Meet with Mariah via Zoom to talk about your adjustment to newborn parenting and discuss how your birth went.